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ECON 222 (Summer 2007)

Problem Set: This is also your homework III, due on 18th of July.

Mid Term Result

All make-up exams. of ECON 222 & ECON 302 will be held on 25th of May 2007 at 17:40.

ECON 222

Mid-Term II result:   e222m2r.xls

Extra Class on Wed. at 17:40 in Room A229. There will be no class on Thursday and on Monday (16th of April).

ECON 222   Mid-Term 1 result   e22207m1.xls

ECON 222      Home Work 2
ECON 222      Home Work 1

Quiz on Monday (5th of March, 2007)  from Hypothesis Testing,  Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 (New edition of the text book). Chapter 9 from the fifth edition of the book.
Topics include all the cases discussed in the class.
It is an open book quiz.


ECON 302

The solution of mid-term 2 is at the photcopy shop in our building.
Copy of mid-term 2 exam.: e302md2.doc

I will try to put some sample questions on the web during the weekend.

Third and final homework: e302hw03.doc

Mid-Term II result: e302md2.xls

Some questions for Mid-Term 2: e302pmd2.doc

Mid-Term II on Wed. 25th of April at 17:40. (AZ-27 & A-229)

Topics include 1) Distributed lag models; 2) System of Equations.

Quiz on Friday (20th of April) at 11:40. All the topics of Mid-Term I are included.

Mid-Term 1 result:   e30207md1.xls

The average is very low, and I will give a quiz after the spring break to give you a chance to improve your grade.

Home Work II:   e30207hw02.doc

Lab session on 4th of April at 17:30 in B-304.

Mid-Term has been graded and will be posted soon.

There will be no class on Friday 6th of April.

Mid-Term on 21/03/2007 at 17:40 (Rooms A-127 and A-125)

HomeWork 1:   e302hw01.doc

Solution is available at the photo shop in our building.

Econ 302:   Lab Home Work 1   e302lab01-07
                                                                data for this Lab home work: 1) table12.1_extended;   2)   Table_inventories
ECON 351 01/02   {Fall 2005}

Home Work IV: e351hw04.doc

Home Work IV solution is available at the Photo Shop in our building.

There is no sample final examination.

Guide to Final: Two Sections: Section A (40%) with short questions; Section B (60%) 3 out of 5 questions.

Questions done in the class, homeworks and mid-term exams are a good guide for the questions in the final exam.

Mid-Term II results are posted here. Please note these grades are preliminary and are subject to revision.

Mid-Term II results: e351m2res.xls

Home Work III solution is with the Photo Copy shop in our building.

MID-TERM 1:   4th of November at 14:00.
__________________Mid-Term I result__________________________

       If you like to discuss your Homeworks, please get in touch with:

                   Sirma:         {HomeWork II}
                       Alp:      {HomeWorkI}

Course Outline:

Home Work 3: e351hw03.doc

Home Work 2 result:            hwres.xls

Home Work 2  due on 16th of October:  e351hw02.doc

Problem Set for Mid-term I :    prbset01.doc